The following are typical examples of previous cases.  Individual result vary.  
​To protect client privacy, specific details and monetary amounts are not listed.


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Family Law

​A parent lost custody of her child, and was forbidden from visiting by the child’s guardians.   I documented her recovery from a troubled past, determined her legal visitation rights under a court order, and advised her how to enforce the court order with a petition for contempt.  She was able to resume a relationship with her child.

​I represented a child’s interests when a parent sought to maintain parental rights in spite of having no relationship with the child.  I relied on the precedent set in the case of In re Rashawn H., 402 Md. 477 (2007), in which parental rights may be terminated in the case of parental unfitness or exceptional circumstances that affect the child’s best interests.   Because of the court’s decision, the child was able to be adopted by a loving family.

Criminal Defense

A client was charged with a traffic violation and faced a fine with points on his driver’s license.  In spite of other blemishes in the client’s record, I highlighted the client’s cooperation with authorities and other examples of personal integrity, to put his violation into context.   The court awarded probation before judgment (PBJ).

When a child makes allegations during an interview by authorities, I am experienced in evaluating photographs and videos to determine whether the interview upholds the standards expected by the court.  For example, I assessed whether the authority figure unduly influenced the child’s testimony and whether the disclosure was credible, based on the types of detail given, body language, and any contradictions.  In different cases, I successfully persuaded the court to affirm or overturn the allegations as a result.

Personal Injury

When a personal injury claim is made as a result of an accident, I have examined the surrounding circumstances to determine whether the responsible party exercised reasonable caution.   In addition, I have examined whether the aggrieved party exhibited any contributory negligence that may have influenced the accident.  In different cases, monetary relief was awarded or denied and the implicated party was held liable or exonerated by the court as a result.


​When debts were unpaid, I determined whether debtors breached contractual obligations and secured monetary judgments from the court.  I assessed the debtors’ ability to pay, uncovering concealed sources of income when necessary, and negotiated payment plans.  I successfully obtained payment, including any penalties owed, by garnishing wages or pursuing other court action. 

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