Compassionate and Experienced

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I decided to study and practice law because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  I knew of good people who weren’t able to protect their own rights and needed a skilled advocate.  Throughout my career, I have realized my dream and persuaded courts to make decisions with a lasting impact on the safety, health, and prosperity of individuals, families, and organizations.

Client Relations

I love the challenge of a trial and have taken on formidable opponents when the law was on my clients' side.  However, the majority of cases settle out of court.  My ability to understand people’s needs and negotiate between them has proven to be just as valuable as my readiness for a confrontation.   When a case does go to trial, I spend time with my clients to ensure that they understand how to behave and how to respond to various cross examination tactics.


When opposing parties withhold information, fail to respond, or make unreasonable demands, I do not allow them to walk all over my clients.  I impose clear consequences when required, including filing for court action.


My successful cases have varied in complexity, requiring only a few minutes or up to hundreds of hours, in trial and appellate courts.  The Maryland Court of Special Appeals (2nd highest court in MD) quoted my arguments to a lower court in a decision made in my favor.


​Having lived my entire life in the Baltimore area, I know how hard people are working to make ends meet.  When clients require legal services, they may already be financially strapped.  That’s why I make every effort to keep my rates affordable.